Feeding Your Inner Artist – February 2020

Creating is one of the things that makes us human. It is part mental exercise and sometimes part emotional therapy. Making art encourages us to be creative in life, and this experience should be shared by everyone at any age. Making art is also a great way to learn more about the artistic process and helps a non-artist gain appreciation for the professional. – The Art Lady

I participate in a weekly ceramics class. My first intention was to learn about the ceramic process, watch artists create work, and understand the chemical reactions that take place to make glazes. Many classes later I happily make lumpy birds (although everyone refers to them as ducks) in a variety of sizes and colors… I’ve yet to perfect firing them without the heads falling off.

Art Lady's ceramic birds

The more important thing is that now I spend an hour or so every week with my hands immersed in clay and another half-hour watching the raku process with continued amazement. I emerge from my “clay time” happier and more content with life.

Sacramento is a playground of places to learn and experience creating art, and I am not talking about the paint by numbers drink and draw parties where everyone goes home with the same painting of a sunset. I’m talking about structured classes that are focused on developing a burgeoning love (and talent) for the visual arts.

There are clay classes available through Alpha Fired Arts in Carmichael for adults and students after-school, and local watercolorist David Lobenberg runs a fine watercolor workshop and gives private lessons as well. Downtown at the Patris Studio and Art Gallery you will find a variety of figure drawing, watercolor, oil, and acrylic classes.

My friends over at Verge Center for the Arts have a diverse schedule of classes including silkscreen and print making, as well as a “Kids Camp” – a full week of art in the spring. With the lack of art in our schools, signing your child or teen up for an art class is a great way to encourage creativity and introduce them to like minded friends.

So, this month why not try some of what I call art therapy – take a class, learn something new, or just make some lumpy birds!

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