25 Million Stitches – January 2020

25 Million Stitches: One Stitch for Each Refugee

Learn More at: 25millionstitches.com

Verge Center for the Arts, 625 S Street, Sacramento, CA
Exhibition: June 12–August 16, 2020 * updated dates
Opening Reception:
Friday, June 12

Free Sewing Circle and Basic Embroidery Lesson
Date: January 30, 2020 – 5:30pm – 8:30pm
Event Location: Verge Center for the Arts

“The world is in flight. 25 million people* across the globe have been forced to flee their homelands as a consequence of genocide, war, poverty, natural disasters, targeted violence, and other grave threats. They leave behind everything they’ve known and possessed in order to live; they face immense struggles, misfortunes, and perils on their journey; and, through it all, survival, much less successful resettlement, remains but the slimmest hope. Please join this project to hand-stitch 25 million stitches: one stitch for each refugee.”

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