Artistic Zoom Backgrounds – March 2021

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Join me for a chat on some fun ways to spruce up the background of your Zoom calls. I’m not talking about using a virtual digital background, but by using real artwork that helps convey just the right mood. Whether you’re on a social visit or a professional meeting, adding real artwork to the background is a great choice for your side of the camera and theirs!

Featured Artwork

Still life by Leslie McCarron – a bright and colorful option that doesn’t distract but complements the room, if you don’t have the opportunity for fresh flowers use artwork

Superheroes by Mel Ramos – casual, playful, eye catching for students on a Zoom call or for a corporate office to convey personality; iconic animation artwork is versatile for all ages

Pastel landscape by Jadelle Andrews – professional, artistic, and with museum glass you avoid the glare from a front-facing light so the artwork is clearly visible; muted colors don’t distract from a casual or professional conversation

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