Vintage Santas – December 2020

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The Art Lady discusses 11 large light-up Santas and one snow man in the display.

From the Art Lady

The largest Santa is an artist-made Santa (with real eyeglasses) that stood in front of a Hardware store in Rancho Cordova (owned by the father of the late Eric Dahlin). The artist gifted it to the gallery from his father’s estate.

Vintage blow mold Santas (so named because the factories heated plastic then it was blown into a mold and then painted) are becoming rare and hard to find. Most of these factories have long closed (though reproductions from overseas are showing up) and storing and maintaining them is challenging (extreme cold cracks the plastic). This makes them pricey in antique stores.

The first two I puchased are “the twins” – the small identical Santas I bought while I was in high school. They were found at a yard sale and I put them in my bedroom window in Arkansas in 1978.

The most recent addition is the snowman and matching Santa which until last year lived at my friend Patty Langdon’s mother’s home. Many of these have come from loving homes and the children of the original owners enjoy seeing them once a year.

The largest Blown plastic Santa was from a house in the bay area next to my father-in-law’s home. It was in a side yard in February so my father-in-law wandered over and the neighbors gave it to him (about 10 years ago). Each year I send a box of candy to the address with a card from “Plastic Santa”.

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