Adding Art to your Yard – June 2020

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This story takes us to two homes, one in Land Park and another in East Sacramento. Each home has integrated decorative and fine artwork into the environment to create a unique and exciting outdoor living space.

In Land Park

  • Sculpture by Gary Dinnen
  • Sculpture by Cindy Wilson
  • Mosaics by Mariellen Layne
  • Sculpture by Jolene Matson
  • Glass by JC Strote

In East Sac

  • Sculpture by Donna Billick
  • Sculpture by Stephanie Taylor
  • Sculpture by Phil Evans
  • Sculpture by Gale Hart
  • …and more!


The last couple of years a nation wide trend has started – no longer do people have “backyards” they have “outdoor rooms.” Because of this popular view of expanding our living areas to include outside areas, collectors are expanding their collections to include outdoor artwork as well.

When considering adding art to your outdoor areas the first thing to consider is work made in mediums that can withstand direct sun and rain. Ceramics are very popular as most are kiln fired to ensure a nice light water-resistant coating. When putting ceramic outdoors keep in mind that they can be damaged in a winter freeze and should be covered or brought in during the winter.  No ceramics or glass should be left outdoors if you live in an area with snow.

A statue with a developing Patina

Many artists also work in metals and glass. Uncoated metals will develop a patina – a changing of color or texture that is considered normal. You may have heard the term verdigris, which describes the blue/green patina that forms on copper or brass over time.

Choosing work is also a matter of placement. Keep in mind the particulars of your home. Do you have dogs? Do children play in the area? Is there a pool? Make sure the artwork is secure and safe and easy to enjoy as well as tend to (mowing etc). Art made out of cement is readily available, and though heavy to install it can be a great addition to your landscape and can stay out year round.

Many galleries are now exhibiting outdoor art and some of the smaller plant nurseries carry pieces by local artisans as well. A focal piece (such as a mosaic fountain) can really change the feel of a large space.

Make your outdoor area a family project with a mixture of artwork, stepping stones, planters, bird baths, murals on fences, and water features. The backyard isn’t just for the barbecue anymore!

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