Uplevel Your Chalk Art – April 2020

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This week The Art Lady is joined by Patty French and Heath Buckmaster to provide some quick and easy tips to make your chalk art more vibrant and last longer. All you need is a spray bottle of water, a paintbrush, and sidewalk chalk or pastel chalk (you can find both of these online or in retail stores).

Chalk Art Tips

  • Spray the sidewalk first so the pavement is damp
  • Scribble on the chalk (don’t use too much)
  • Dip a paintbrush in water and paint the chalk into the shape or design you want
  • Use tape to mask off areas or create shapes, then pull the tape when the chalk is dry
  • This method makes the chalk last longer, makes colors brighter, and makes your art more durable to walking over and even a light rainstorm.

More Pictures

More Fun

Parents are having fun with chalk, not just for art but for outdoor games with kids! WATCH: Outdoor Chutes and Ladders by Dad Absurdum.

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