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ArtBeat – Tributary the Triptych

ArtBeat/June 2023 By Ed Goldman While the word “triptych” is usually a descriptor for paintings, panels or carvings, the luminous, already-iconic sculpture “Tributary” is a triptych.  A Fiberglas, resin and steel piece that stands 14 feet high with a 10×10′ footprint, this “pro-am” artwork—which… Continue Reading “ArtBeat – Tributary the Triptych”

ArtBeat – The Auctions Are Coming!

By Ed Goldman THE AUCTIONS ARE COMING, THE AUCTIONS ARE COMING! (AND WITH THEM, SOME HANDY HINTS) PBS-KVIE’s annual art auction is held on-air (indoors) rather than plenair (outdoors). This removes one of the potential hazards of holding an auction in Sacramento in, say, August, when… Continue Reading “ArtBeat – The Auctions Are Coming!”

ArtBeat – Marcy Friedman

By Ed Goldman AT 87, MARCY FRIEDMAN PRESENTS A STUNNING SHOW OF NEW WORKS AT B. SAKATA GARO GALLERY  We’re standing in Marcy Friedman’s backyard, above the American River. The water is flowing this afternoon at 30,000 feet per second, she says, wondering how… Continue Reading “ArtBeat – Marcy Friedman”

ArtBeat – Big MACC

By Ed Goldman WHEN A BIG “MACC” MEANS BIG ART History and art make companionable bedfellows for the next few weeks at the Mills Station Arts & Culture Center  (MACC) in Rancho Cordova, about 15 minutes from downtown Sacramento. Curated by Cheryl Gleason, two shows… Continue Reading “ArtBeat – Big MACC”

ArtBeat – Works Progress Administration

By Ed Goldman The Works Progress Administration—that eight-year bonanza of art and industry created in 1935 under U.S. President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s New Deal to employ the unemployed (the precursor of “Build Back Better,” only real)— is alive and in temporary residence at the… Continue Reading “ArtBeat – Works Progress Administration”

ArtBeat – 2023 Preview

By Ed Goldman If you collect art because you hope it appreciates as time passes, congratulations: Everything you collect is now officially a year older.  On the other hand, if you buy art because it adds fuel to the furnace of your soul, 2023… Continue Reading “ArtBeat – 2023 Preview”

ArtBeat – WARHOLiday

By Ed Goldman Artist Andy Warhol once famously predicted (or warned),  “In the future, everyone will be world-famous for 15 minutes.” His work, persona and legacy certainly eclipsed that—which is one reason why Archival Gallery is presenting WARHOLiday, a group show, December 1-31. The… Continue Reading “ArtBeat – WARHOLiday”

ArtBeat – Kingsley Art Club Panel 10/22

ArtBeat/November 2022 By Ed Goldman To hear the experts tell it, this may be the best and worst time for you to open that art gallery you’ve always dreamed of owning. At a recent panel discussion on the future of the Capitol Region arts… Continue Reading “ArtBeat – Kingsley Art Club Panel 10/22”

ArtBeat – Reliquary

ArtBeat/October 2022 By Ed Goldman It’s tempting to say that “Reliquary,” the new show at Archival Gallery, is to die for, but we’ll resist. (Too late!) Featuring an all-star cast of regional artists, the show—which runs through October 28, with a Second Saturday reception… Continue Reading “ArtBeat – Reliquary”

ArtBeat – Charade

ArtBeat/September 2022 By Ed Goldman The 1963 movie “Charade” has been called one of the best Alfred Hitchcock movies not directed by him.  Now, the B Street /Sofia stage adaptation of the Stanley Donen classic has been updated, camped-up and resuscitated in high style… Continue Reading “ArtBeat – Charade”

ArtBeat – Chalk It Up!

ArtBeat/August 2022 By Ed Goldman When I was a kid, I got in trouble for coloring on the walls of my bedroom. God only knows what my folks would have thought if I’d gone out and doodled all over a public sidewalk.  And yet,… Continue Reading “ArtBeat – Chalk It Up!”

ArtBeat – Boyd Gavin at Natsoulas Gallery

ArtBeat/July 2022 By Ed Goldman The good news is that you still have almost three weeks to catch Boyd Gavin’s current show at the John Natsoulas Gallery. The bad news is that it’s not going to be up and continually replenished year-round.  The Natsoulas… Continue Reading “ArtBeat – Boyd Gavin at Natsoulas Gallery”

ArtBeat – Eric Wyss and Terry Baxter at Archival Gallery

By Ed Goldman In describing the fulfilling and downright eye-slaking new show at Archival Gallery, it’s tempting to call it “The Torso—and More So.” Featuring new sculptures by Eric Wyss (the torso) and paintings by Terry Baxter (the more so), who I’m told have… Continue Reading “ArtBeat – Eric Wyss and Terry Baxter at Archival Gallery”

ArtBeat – Steve Solinsky and Frank Francis at Viewpoint Photographic Art Center

By Ed Goldman The new show(s) debuting on Saturday at Viewpoint Photographic Art Center—Steve Solinsky’s “Of Stillness & Light” and Frank Francis’s “Along the Wide Rivers of Bangladesh”—offer dissimilar but equally eye-popping color photography, brilliant displays of emotional content, transcendence and technical virtuosity.  It… Continue Reading “ArtBeat – Steve Solinsky and Frank Francis at Viewpoint Photographic Art Center”