The Spice Girls – September 2020

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The Art Lady will interview artist Debra Kreck-Harnish who specializes in mixed-media assemblage from found objects, and full-size tutus built from mannequins and handmade papers. Debra’s SPICE GIRLS series was created during January 2020 as part of a 31 Days art challenge – creating a new piece of work each day of the month for exhibition.

These works were presented at Archival Gallery in July 2020.

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Chalk-it-up – August 2020

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WATCH the segment on Good Day Sacramento.


The Art Lady is one of the original founders of Chalk It Up! – an annual festival that celebrates youth art through grants and sidewalk chalk art masterpieces. This year’s annual Chalk It Up! festival is on Labor Day Weekend, September 5-7, 2020. This is the 30th anniversary of the event and visitors will see sidewalks, parking lots, driveways, and more. You can sponsor a chalk square at your business or residence.

How To See The Art

This year’s festival is called “Chalk It Up! Around the Town!” and volunteer chalk artists will be painting locations all throughout the Sacramento region.

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Hot Art News – July 2020

Here are some of the exciting art happenings going on this month.

Coming soon to the Axis Gallery, the 15th National Juried Exhibition (juried by Marcela Pardo Ariza). Show runs August 8 – 29, 2020 and features over 25 contributing artists.

ARTHOUSE on R Gallery and Studios is accepting applications for their Artist Studio for Rent. Click Here for information on the submission process.

This month I was honored to be the judge for the Elk Grove Fine Arts Center’s “Figurative Expressions” show which opens August 1 and runs through August 28. Click here to view the virtual tour.

There’s a lot going on at Verge Center for the Arts including Online Classes, Kids Summer Camps, plus free art activities you can download for young people to enjoy.

Learn about Sacramento’s Creative Edge Initiative – a program to gather priorities, expectations, and needs regarding the arts, culture, and creative economy in our region.

As many of you know, I’m a huge fan of Frida Kahlo. Her work is truly inspiring and groundbreaking, and I just found a virtual gallery tour you can take to see some of her work.

This summer, and showing through November 15, the Crocker Art Museum has received an installation of Al Farrow’s “The White House” – a sculpture made from guns, gun parts, shell casings, and steel measuring 69 x 77 x 36.

The White House – Al Farrow

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Adding Art to your Yard – June 2020

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This story takes us to two homes, one in Land Park and another in East Sacramento. Each home has integrated decorative and fine artwork into the environment to create a unique and exciting outdoor living space.

In Land Park

  • Sculpture by Gary Dinnen
  • Sculpture by Cindy Wilson
  • Mosaics by Mariellen Layne
  • Sculpture by Jolene Matson
  • Glass by JC Strote

In East Sac

  • Sculpture by Donna Billick
  • Sculpture by Stephanie Taylor
  • Sculpture by Phil Evans
  • Sculpture by Gale Hart
  • …and more!


The last couple of years a nation wide trend has started – no longer do people have “backyards” they have “outdoor rooms.” Because of this popular view of expanding our living areas to include outside areas, collectors are expanding their collections to include outdoor artwork as well.

When considering adding art to your outdoor areas the first thing to consider is work made in mediums that can withstand direct sun and rain. Ceramics are very popular as most are kiln fired to ensure a nice light water-resistant coating. When putting ceramic outdoors keep in mind that they can be damaged in a winter freeze and should be covered or brought in during the winter.  No ceramics or glass should be left outdoors if you live in an area with snow.

A statue with a developing Patina

Many artists also work in metals and glass. Uncoated metals will develop a patina – a changing of color or texture that is considered normal. You may have heard the term verdigris, which describes the blue/green patina that forms on copper or brass over time.

Choosing work is also a matter of placement. Keep in mind the particulars of your home. Do you have dogs? Do children play in the area? Is there a pool? Make sure the artwork is secure and safe and easy to enjoy as well as tend to (mowing etc). Art made out of cement is readily available, and though heavy to install it can be a great addition to your landscape and can stay out year round.

Many galleries are now exhibiting outdoor art and some of the smaller plant nurseries carry pieces by local artisans as well. A focal piece (such as a mosaic fountain) can really change the feel of a large space.

Make your outdoor area a family project with a mixture of artwork, stepping stones, planters, bird baths, murals on fences, and water features. The backyard isn’t just for the barbecue anymore!

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Hot Art News – May 2020

Here are some of the exciting art happenings going on this month.

Axis Gallery: 15th National Juried Exhibition

The team at Axis Gallery invites artists to submit work to their 15th National Juried Exhibition, featuring juror Marcela Pardo Ariza. The exhibition is open to artists in all media. Click through to learn more about the submission process – deadline is June 1.

The history of the Federal Art Project

An interesting read on the history of the Federal Art Project and the challenges that artists of today are now facing to have their work seen and funded.

Online Art Classes with the Verge

The team over at Verge Center for the Arts has put together some online art classes to keep you busy during shelter-in-place. You can access virtual Verge Education courses in your own home through Zoom. Click through to see a list of upcoming classes and registration information!

Call For Artists: EV Charger Station Wraps in Sacramento

The City of Sacramento is looking for artists to design vinyl wraps for EV charger stations in midtown Sacramento. If you are interested in the requirements and process for this invitation, please click through to visit the website and submit your entry!

Put Your Life in a Picture Frame

Uplevel Your Chalk Art – April 2020

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This week The Art Lady is joined by Patty French and Heath Buckmaster to provide some quick and easy tips to make your chalk art more vibrant and last longer. All you need is a spray bottle of water, a paintbrush, and sidewalk chalk or pastel chalk (you can find both of these online or in retail stores).

Chalk Art Tips

  • Spray the sidewalk first so the pavement is damp
  • Scribble on the chalk (don’t use too much)
  • Dip a paintbrush in water and paint the chalk into the shape or design you want
  • Use tape to mask off areas or create shapes, then pull the tape when the chalk is dry
  • This method makes the chalk last longer, makes colors brighter, and makes your art more durable to walking over and even a light rainstorm.

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More Fun

Parents are having fun with chalk, not just for art but for outdoor games with kids! WATCH: Outdoor Chutes and Ladders by Dad Absurdum.

hot art news – April 2020

Here are some of the exciting art happenings going on this month.

WASH 2020 Member Show Walk Through

The Watercolor Artists of Sacramento Horizons present a juried show April 7 through May 17, presented virtually in this video.

The Art-Filled Home of Tony Natsoulas

If you’ve ever wanted to see inside the home of local sculptor Tony Natsoulas, now’s your chance. His mid-century modern home was featured in a September 2019 article from Apartment Therapy. Enjoy today’s virtual art tour of Tony Natsoulas’ home.

Artist Relief

Here’s a resource that visual artists may find useful. This is a national resource that is providing grant opportunities to artists who are impacted by the quarantine.

Virtual Tours of Frank Lloyd Wright Buildings

When you think architecture, you think Frank Lloyd Wright. His designs were true works of art that integrated into their natural surroundings. Here’s a great virtual tour you can take right now. Click through for The Spaces.

UnOpen Studios and Virtual Art – April 2020

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Watch me on Good Day Sacramento – Wednesday, April 8, 2020


UnOpen Studios

UnOpen Studios – A video project to showcase galleries and artists in their studios making art during quarantine. Watch artist-created videos and learn how to submit your own at Follow UnOpen Studios on social media as well.

Virtual Arts – For families who are home during the COVID-19 Shelter-in-Place there are many Virtual Art opportunities to explore. Here are some of The Art Lady’s recommendations.

Sacramento Second Saturday Cancelled – March 2020

March 12, 2020

The Art Lady, D. Oldham Neath
(916) 923-6204 –


Sacramento, CA: The monthly arts celebration, Second Saturday, is cancelled in Sacramento for March 14, 2020 due to health and safety concerns related to the COVID-19 (coronavirus disease).

Art has traditionally been a hands-off experience, and while local galleries and museums have shut down their receptions and public events, many will remain open for visiting during normal business hours. This means while you are off work, or children are out of school, you have the opportunity to view art at a distance from crowds and enjoy a family cultural experience.” – The Art Lady, D. Oldham Neath

This is the first time in nearly thirty years that galleries have closed for Second Saturday.

Current List of Arts Closures / Postponements:

This is an evolving story. Please refer to our more comprehensive list of closures and reschedules here:

Fine Art Portraiture – March 2020

WATCH: Good Day Sacramento – 3/4/20

Featured Artists

Glen Hettrick

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Sandy Lindblad

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David Lobenberg

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Jim Marxen

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Feeding Your Inner Artist – February 2020

Creating is one of the things that makes us human. It is part mental exercise and sometimes part emotional therapy. Making art encourages us to be creative in life, and this experience should be shared by everyone at any age. Making art is also a great way to learn more about the artistic process and helps a non-artist gain appreciation for the professional. – The Art Lady

I participate in a weekly ceramics class. My first intention was to learn about the ceramic process, watch artists create work, and understand the chemical reactions that take place to make glazes. Many classes later I happily make lumpy birds (although everyone refers to them as ducks) in a variety of sizes and colors… I’ve yet to perfect firing them without the heads falling off.

Art Lady's ceramic birds

The more important thing is that now I spend an hour or so every week with my hands immersed in clay and another half-hour watching the raku process with continued amazement. I emerge from my “clay time” happier and more content with life.

Sacramento is a playground of places to learn and experience creating art, and I am not talking about the paint by numbers drink and draw parties where everyone goes home with the same painting of a sunset. I’m talking about structured classes that are focused on developing a burgeoning love (and talent) for the visual arts.

There are clay classes available through Alpha Fired Arts in Carmichael for adults and students after-school, and local watercolorist David Lobenberg runs a fine watercolor workshop and gives private lessons as well. Downtown at the Patris Studio and Art Gallery you will find a variety of figure drawing, watercolor, oil, and acrylic classes.

My friends over at Verge Center for the Arts have a diverse schedule of classes including silkscreen and print making, as well as a “Kids Camp” – a full week of art in the spring. With the lack of art in our schools, signing your child or teen up for an art class is a great way to encourage creativity and introduce them to like minded friends.

So, this month why not try some of what I call art therapy – take a class, learn something new, or just make some lumpy birds!

25 Million Stitches – January 2020

25 Million Stitches: One Stitch for Each Refugee


Learn More at:

Verge Center for the Arts, 625 S Street, Sacramento, CA
Exhibition: June 12–August 16, 2020 * updated dates
Opening Reception:
Friday, June 12

Free Sewing Circle and Basic Embroidery Lesson
Date: January 30, 2020 – 5:30pm – 8:30pm
Event Location: Verge Center for the Arts

“The world is in flight. 25 million people* across the globe have been forced to flee their homelands as a consequence of genocide, war, poverty, natural disasters, targeted violence, and other grave threats. They leave behind everything they’ve known and possessed in order to live; they face immense struggles, misfortunes, and perils on their journey; and, through it all, survival, much less successful resettlement, remains but the slimmest hope. Please join this project to hand-stitch 25 million stitches: one stitch for each refugee.”

Second Saturday – December 2019

This week the Art Lady explores art gifts for the holidays and a preview of Second Saturday in Sacramento.


The Art Lady on Good Day Weekend:


Lambda Center: artistic winter hats in support of LGBT Homeless Youth fundraiser

Elliot Fouts Gallery: delightfully delicious ceramics by Jeff Nebeker

Cynthis Hipkiss Ceramic Bowls: available at Archival Gallery in a variety of styles

Lego Lamps and Kits by David Tracy: available online or locally at Archival Gallery

Local artists contribute to KVIE auction, win awards – August 2019

“Celebrating PBS KVIE’s decades of creating an accessible venue to bring art into the homes of Northern Californians, the 38th annual KVIE Art Auction will showcase more than 260 works of art by emerging, well-known and world-renown Northern California artists. KVIE’s art curator D Neath announced that [artists] have been recognized with awards after submitting their art to the annual juried competition.”



Outsider Art – May 2019

“It either speaks to you or it doesn’t,” says Neath, who has been involved in the Sacramento art scene for decades, first as a protégée of the late Michael Himovitz — a celebrated gallery owner and one of the founders of Second Saturday — and now as the proprietor of Archival Gallery and the curator of the annual televised KVIE Art Auction.


Effie Yeaw 10th Annual Gala Jurying – April 2019

“Meanwhile, D Neath, KVIE’s art curator and owner of Archival Gallery in East Sac, is co-jurying the entries with Sacramento artist Gary Dinnen…”



Celebrating Art in Elk Grove – August 2017

“The KVIE Art Auction has grown significantly in the past three years with increased visibility through social media and the growth of our on-site KVIE Gallery,”  KVIE’s art curator, D. Neath said in a press statement. “Our commitment to celebrating local art has brought in more artists and allows us the choice of the best of the best. This year’s collection reflects the continued growth of this area’s talented art community.”



Rio Linda Artist Earns Award in KVIE Art Auction – August 2015

“This year’s Art Auction features more first-time participating artists—an exciting mix of masters and new talent—making it the largest auction in our history with 275 original pieces,” said KVIE’s art curator, D Neath. “With an exciting line up of art experts, viewers have an opportunity to collect art and enjoy learning about the best Northern California artists and their galleries.”